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2005-05-05 - 7:28 a.m.

May 5

I have a 4 piece Hugh Pool DVD project just about finished. It contains 2 Solo videos, 1 Live video and a super 8 short movie I made. 3 of the movies were on "Live at the Rodeo Bar" as a quicktime "Enhanced" feature. They were crushed down and compressed to fit on a convential CD and appear in a 4 inch box in the center of your computer screen if you happen to put the CD in your computer.
This project includes that stuff and presents everything in full screen, full audio DVD. I wrote and recorded a cool little slide piece for the menue page last weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing it all put together, which should happen later this week. It was taped and put together by Bryn Zellers at Slaghammer.

I will also be shooting a full Video for a song I wrote called "My Kind of Blues" in the next week. It has a vague story line and will include kinda day in the life of footage mixed with the story line mixed with footage of the band. It will be shot and produced as a final exam project by a group of 5 film school students. Should be fun.

I have been writing some new stuff in the last month.
Work continues on a new Hugh Pool Band studio record.
My wife is just about to give birth to our second child.

In the studio in the last month, Richard Green (tracking), Jack Grace (mixing new release), Aloke (record and mix new release), Leo Abrahams (traking for new release), Compulsions (traking and mixing)

Peace, Best HP



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